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Same Day Despatch

If you place an order by 1PM, and the product is in stock – we will despatch it the same day. 

Delivery Issues endeavours to keep to expected delivery times. Should we be unable to deliver within the set date, we will naturally inform the customer and decide on a new delivery date. Oaklabb is never responsible for any losses, costs, damages or expenses that the customer or delivery company takes on as a direct or indirect consequence of us not being able to deliver on time. 

What is FSC Wood?

We at OakLabb take our environmental responsibilities seriously, and to this end the factory producing our products hold FSC certification. The Forest Stewardship Council A.C. (FSC) shall promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world's forests.

Environmentally appropriate?

Environmentally appropriate forest management ensures that the harvest of timber and non-timber products maintains the forest's biodiversity, productivity, and ecological processes.

Socially Beneficial?

Socially beneficial forest management helps both local people and society at large to enjoy long term benefits and also provides strong incentives to local people to sustain the forest resources and adhere to long-term management plans.

Economically Viable?

Economically viable forest management means that forest operations are structured and managed so as to be sufficiently profitable, without generating financial profit at the expense of the forest resource, the ecosystem, or affected communities. The tension between the need to generate adequate financial returns and the principles of responsible forest operations can be reduced through efforts to market the full range of forest products and services for their best value.

Best Value? 

We will continue to update pricing to give the customer the best value for money.

How Do I Order Spare Parts?

Our factory has in place a high standard of quality checks; however in the unlikely event you have a damaged or missing part, you can contact us.

The replacement part will be posted direct to you from our factory.

Our Designs

Most of our collections are in-house designs, and we work with our factories from drawing board to finished product, making sure that only the finest materials are used in construction. This is ongoing launch of new ranges which there is a large group of people behind each design. Keep yourself updated with new ranges by Subscribe to our newsletter!
Of course, we must keep up with all the latest trends and listen to our customers - our factories also have in house designers. The ideas are put to the technical departments before first samples are made and once selection has been agreed by all then images are produced and productions are made.
There are no shortcuts on selection of materials used - only the best will do.



Transportation Damages

Our high specification packaging for products, is designed for transportation through a home delivery network. We do appreciate that on a small number of occasions damages do occur. If a product is damaged upon delivery, this should be signed as damaged and refused. You should then contact us straight away, so that we can assist with the problem. If damage is discovered when the product has been accepted, we will of course offer spare parts, no questions asked. All you need to do is contact us, and we will assist you in making sure we select the right part for you.

Upon arrival of delivery you must examine your order for transportation damages. Damaged packaging may indicate that the product is also damaged. In this case, please refuse the order and contact within 4 days, providing your order number, and if possible, photos showing the damage. We will immediately start working to resolve your issue and keep you informed. It is important that you DO NOT accept items if there is visible damage to packaging unless of course you wish to accept and request spare parts where needed.
Orders which are damaged on delivery. Where a delivery has been refused by your customer as damaged, it must be clearly visible on the carrier’s website as damaged. The carrier will return the item to us, and we will send out a replacement. No additional costs will be incurred by you.

Claims for shortages and damages must be made within 5 days of receipt of delivery.

Replacement Parts 

Our factory has in place a high standard of quality checks; however, in the unlikely event you have a damaged or missing part, you can

contact us and order the item Replacement parts. The replacement part will be dispatched direct to you from our UK warehouse or factory.

Our Products

All products are delivered flat pack with full instructions on assembly.

Product Information

All specifics, images, and other product information such as assembled sizes and weights may be subject to change at any time. However, our intention is to keep all information on our website as accurate and up to date as possible. 


OakLabb provides a full years warranty on all products. If there is something wrong with your item within 12 Months of purchase, please contact our customer service at, describe the damage and, if possible, supply with photos showing the damage. 
Your claim will then be promptly considered, and replacement parts will be sent. The warranty does not apply to damages caused by normal wear, moisture damage, heat damage, misuse, or surface imperfections on real wood products. None of the above affects your statutory rights.

Force Majeure

OakLabb has no obligation to pay damages if we fail to deliver, should delivery be made difficult or impossible due to unforeseen events that occur after an order is accepted. Examples of force majeure are: natural disasters, mobilization, war, lock-outs, riots, work-related conflicts, energy crises, damage to machinery, fire, epidemics, denial of import or export etc. as well as situations where transportation is made difficult or impossible.

30 Day Money Back

We get it - sometimes something just doesn't work for you and you want to return. As long as the item(s) are still in their original condition, you can return these within 30 days but the customer must pay for the return postal fees.

If an item is returned to us damaged, worn or in an unsuitable condition, we won't be able to give you a full refund. All items are inspected on return.